How to keep latex balloons longer

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Latex balloons are most commonly used for special events such as weddings or birthday parties. They are made of rubber material and are usually filled with helium to allow them to operate independently. They are tied with ropes and used to make arches and pillars for parties. Latex balloons can last from 8 to 14 hours, but they can last longer if you follow some simple instructions.

Step 1

Keep the latex balloon away from heat sources. Keeping them at a lower temperature will extend the lifespan of the latex balloon. When exposed to high temperatures, their lifespan does not exceed 8 hours, and at extreme temperatures, they may burst.

Step 2

Use a 60/40 inflator to inflate the latex balloon. 60/40 will input 40% air and 60% helium. This can extend your latex balloon for hours or even days, depending on the heat of the area where the balloon is placed. The 60/40 inflator is best suited for balloons larger than 14 inches.

Step 3

Before using the 60/40 inflator, spray hi float into the balloon. The combination of the two works best and helps keep your latex balloon alive for several days. How big your balloon is depends on how much high buoyancy you need. For example, place the opening of a balloon on a hi float pump. If it is an 11 inch balloon, spray spray 3 times at most. Then use a 60/40 inflator to inflate the balloon to its maximum capacity.

Step 4

Tie the balloon tightly. Whether you are filling a balloon with helium or using an air extractor to aspirate it, if it is not tied tightly, the balloon will deflate faster. After filling the latex balloon with air, tie the opening of the balloon with a small rope or ribbon to prevent too much air from seeping out of the balloon.

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