What are the advantages and disadvantages of PEEK board

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PEEK board is a high temperature resistant thermoplastic with high glass transition temperature (162°C) and melting point (358°C). Long-term use, compared with other high-temperature-resistant plastics such as PI, PPS, PTFE, PAI, PPO, etc., the upper limit of the service temperature is nearly 60°C higher; PEEK resin not only has better heat resistance than other high-temperature-resistant plastics, but also has high strength, high Modulus, high fracture toughness and excellent dimensional stability; PEEK resin can maintain high strength at high temperature, its bending strength at 200°C reaches about 24MPa, and PEEK plate still has 15% bending strength and compressive strength at 260°C ~19MPa; PEEK resin has higher rigidity, better dimensional stability, and smaller linear expansion coefficient, which is very close to metal aluminum materials; it has excellent chemical resistance. Among common chemicals, only concentrated sulfuric acid can dissolve or Destroy it, its corrosion resistance is similar to that of nickel steel, and at the same time it has flame retardancy, releases less smoke and toxic gases under flame conditions, and has strong radiation resistance; PEEK board resin has good toughness and excellent resistance to alternating stress Fatigue resistance is the most outstanding of all plastics, comparable to alloy materials; PEEK resin has outstanding tribological properties, excellent resistance to sliding wear and fretting wear, and PEEK board can maintain high wear resistance especially at 256°C And low coefficient of friction; PEEK resin is easy to extrude and injection mold, with excellent processing performance and high molding efficiency. In addition, PEEK also has excellent properties such as good self-lubrication, easy processing, stable insulation, and hydrolysis resistance. PEEK board has good comprehensive properties, good mechanical properties, high temperature resistance, and superior chemical resistance, making it the most versatile plastic. .

1. Material overview

PEEK and PI are high-performance materials synthesized by Victrex Company of the United Kingdom and DuPont Company of the United States respectively and have invention patents. Among high-performance polymers, PEEK and PI have excellent comprehensive properties that cannot be compared with other general-purpose plastics. The excellent performance in harsh environments has been successfully and widely used in demanding occasions in various industries such as aerospace, automobiles, electronic semiconductors, and electromechanical. It is a material for users to develop new products and improve product service life and reliability.

2. Features and advantages

◆High temperature resistance

American UL certified long-term use temperature is 260 ℃. Excellent mechanical properties are maintained even at temperatures up to 300°C

◆Abrasion resistance

In many extremely harsh application environments such as high temperature, high load, and strong corrosion, PEEK polymers and their composite materials have good wear resistance.


It has a low friction coefficient, can realize oil-free lubrication work, and can work for a long time in oil, water, steam, weak acid and alkali and other media.

◆Corrosion resistance

It is insoluble in common solvents and has good corrosion resistance to various organic and inorganic chemical reagents.

◆ High strength

It has good mechanical strength in plastics. It also has high rigidity and surface hardness.

◆ Easy to process

Parts can be processed directly by injection molding. It can be used for post-processing such as turning, milling, drilling, tapping, bonding and ultrasonic welding.

◆ Hydrolysis resistance

Immersed in steam at a temperature exceeding 250°C or in high-pressure water, PEEK products can still work continuously for thousands of hours without significant performance degradation.

◆ Flame retardancy

Without any additives, the flammability rating of the 1.45mm thick PEEK sample is UL94 V-0.

◆ Low smoke and non-toxic

The amount of smoke and poisonous gas is extremely low when burning.

◆ Electrical performance

In a wide range of temperature and frequency, it can still maintain stable and excellent electrical properties.

◆ Radiation resistance

It has extremely strong resistance to high-dose gamma-ray radiation, and its mechanical properties can be completely preserved. It can be used as radiation-resistant parts in nuclear equipment.

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