What kind of tent is suitable for outdoor tents

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One of the things that friends who often participate in outdoor activities often use is a tent. Today I would like to share with you the view that outdoor games are a state of mind, so don’t go too far in pursuit of so-called high-end equipment.

According to the purpose of the tent, it can be divided into the following categories.

No matter what type of automatic tent it is, it is suitable for outdoor leisure and camping activities, and it is not suitable for outdoor activities that are not too deep, including single-layer and double-layer. Automatic tents on the market range from tens of dollars to two or three hundred dollars, most of which are steel wire skeletons or glass rods, and automatic tents with aluminum alloy rods are rare.

A single-layer tent built with bare hands is almost the same as an automatic tent. Automatic tents are much lighter in weight than automatic tents, but not as convenient as automatic tents.

Friends who often drive or hike usually choose double-layer hand-built double-layer tents, three-season or four-season.

First of all, the biggest difference between the four-season tent and the four-season tent is the inner tent. The three-season tent is generally a full gauze tent, and the four-season tent is generally a half gauze tent, or only the upper part of the window has a net. The difference between the four-season tents is relatively high, and the four-season tents are relatively low. A small number of four-season tents will also have snow skirts.

In terms of fabric, the outdoor tent is generally 180 tons of fabric, and 15D or 20D fabric will be used for higher grades. Most waterproof fabrics are more than 3000pcs. The inner account is mainly made of light and breathable fabric, while the bottom layer is generally made of 210 tons or Oxford cloth.

In terms of structure, they are generally divided into single, double, and three to four people. Generally speaking, in addition to long-distance walking, snow-capped mountains can also be climbed. Single tents will be less used. After all, the space is much smaller. If you live in a dual account, you don't have to keep everything with you outside the internal account.

When choosing a outdoor tent, it is recommended not to travel under extremely harsh conditions or for a long-term journey of more than three days. We don’t have to deliberately pursue the lightness of the tent, because the weight of tents such as 15D fabrics will be much lighter, but the requirements for the use environment will also be higher. Many, it is good in environments such as snow mountains, deserts, grasslands, etc. If it is in complex environments such as mountains, it is generally used relatively.

The price of this type of tent is moderate to 300/400, which is the price of most tents on the market at present, and the four-season account of Snow Skirt can meet my travel needs in this season. When the wind presses the snow skirt with mud or stones at night, the effect of windproof and dustproof will be greatly improved!

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