Basic Techniques of Crayon Drawing

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(1) Flat coating: When drawing with a crayon, draw the edge first, be careful not to apply the color to the outside of the line. The ribs should be used evenly, not light all at once and heavy all at once.

Apply in one direction, not obliquely. The color should be painted on the paper without leaving white traces.

-While applying the same color evenly, you can apply the changes in shades and shades. When applying the shades of shades, apply force evenly, first apply lightly, and then reflect on the painted light color

Repeated recoating, so that the painted color is thick and durable. If the force is gradually increased from light to heavy, then the painted color will gradually change from light to dark. one way or another

It can't be painted - half thick and half light. This happens because the transition from light to thick is not well grasped. Without a good grasp of the transition between shades, the picture will appear very vivid.


(2) Leave blank: Most of the white parts of the crayon drawing are left out. Pay attention when leaving blank, start to paint with light color from the dark color position, apply lightly, slowly and gradually

When it reaches white, it will be natural to leave such white, and it will reflect the feeling of light.

(3) Overlapping colors: If you want to make the crayon painting full, layered and have a sense of subject, you need to use the method of overlaying colors. The tortoise is the overlapping of colors, which is the addition of multiple colors. No

No matter what you paint, dark colors should be painted last. When painting, start with light colors first, then darker colors, and the darkest and darkest colors last. The things drawn in this way have both layers

Another color change.

(4) Scraper: The drawing method of the scraper is to first draw the color and shade changes of the object with a crayon, and then use a knife to scrape out the required size changes, white spots, and thick and thin lines.

The scraper method is very useful, and it can be used for painting glassware, glazed porcelain and things with smooth surfaces.

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