Cleaning and maintenance of towel racks

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Towel racks are very important bathroom hardware products in today's life. At present, towel racks are mainly divided into four categories according to their materials: stainless steel towel racks, copper chrome-plated towel racks, zinc alloy towel racks, and aluminum oxide towel racks. However, due to the very humid environment in the bathroom, the towel rack is very prone to rust if it is not cleaned and maintained during daily use. Therefore, the daily cleaning and maintenance of the towel rack is mainly to prevent rust.

First of all, let's understand the reasons for the rust of the towel rack: .

1. Due to the lack of proper protection of the plating layer of the towel rack during daily use, the plating layer has been damaged, and the metal of the towel rack is in direct contact with air and moisture, and rust will occur after a long time.

2. The towel was not wrung out or the residual moisture on the towel rack was not wiped when it was in use, resulting in scale remaining on the surface of the towel rack. Long-term contact will cause speckled black spots on the surface of the towel rack, thus It will lead to rust.

3. Due to the poor water quality, it contains a large amount of metal ions, and the towel rack is the most easily overlooked corner of hygiene in people's daily life. If it is not cleaned regularly, it will cause the metal ions contained in the water molecules to react with the air, and it will Caused rust on the towel rack.

Knowing the reasons for the rust of the towel rack, we can pay attention to cleaning and maintenance in our daily life. How should we prevent the towel rack from rusting?

1. In daily life, the towel rack needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. During use, the bathroom environment needs to be kept dry and ventilated, and the water stains on the surface of the towel rack need to be cleaned frequently.

2. In the daily cleaning process, you need to use a soft cloth or plastic to wipe. If you use a stainless steel cleaner ball, you need to pay attention to the direction of the grinding mark of the installation attempt to wipe. When cleaning the water stains and dirt on the surface of the towel rack Do not use acidic or alkaline cleaners. If such cleaners are used, they need to be rinsed off and the surface wiped clean.

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