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What type of switch is micro switch?


A micro switch is a type of snap-action switch. Snap-action switches, also known as snap switches or tactile switches, are a category of electromechanical switches characterized by their rapid and distinctive switching action. When the actuator (the part that is pushed or moved) of a snap-action switch is subjected to a certain level of force or displacement, it undergoes a sudden and rapid change in state, typically from one electrical contact position to another. This quick "snap" or "click" action is a defining feature of snap-action switches.

Micro switches, in particular, are a subset of snap-action switches. They are called "micro" switches because they are typically small and compact, designed for applications where space is limited. Micro switches are known for their precision, reliability, and ability to handle a high number of electrical cycles.

The key characteristics of micro switches include:

1. Quick Action: Micro switches respond rapidly to changes in the actuator position, making them suitable for applications that require immediate and precise switching.

2. Tactile Feedback: When a micro switch actuates, it often provides tactile feedback, such as a noticeable click or snap, which can be felt by the user. This feedback is helpful for confirming that the switch has changed state.

3. Mechanical Durability: Micro switches are designed to withstand a large number of mechanical actuations without significant wear or degradation in performance.

4. Small Size: Micro switches are typically compact and can be integrated into small devices or confined spaces.

5. Versatility: They are used in a wide range of applications due to their reliability and responsiveness.

Micro switches find applications in various industries and products, such as limit switches, safety interlocks, appliances, automotive controls, industrial equipment, and more. Their precision and quick switching action make them valuable in situations where accurate control and feedback are needed.

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